Falamiya North, 914 - complaints that the soldiers arrive late every day

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Nina S., Herzliya E. Translator: Judith Green

Falamiya North, 914

Opening hours:  12:45-13:15

12:48 The gate is closed

12:52  The soldiers arrive.  Their arrival was late and they also closed 10 minutes early.

After the opening of the gatesinfo-icon, there was a crossing with no delays for the people waiting to get home after a day's work shortened because of Ramadan.  One of the people complained that the soldiers arrive late every day, in spite of recurring and repeated requests for them to open the gate on time since it is Ramadan.  Tractors go through, bicycle riders and one truck plus about 50 people.  There were a few who went through the fields.

The soldiers close the gate when there is no one there, before the allotted time.

West Jayyus (Falaimiya sourth, 935.

Opening hours:  13:25 - 13:45

13:20  We arrived early as we didn't remember the opening hours.  When the soldiers didn't arrive and we didn't see any people waiting, and as the soldiers usually get there before us, when we leave at the closureinfo-icon of the previous checkpoint;  so, we left.  On the way, we stopped next to a pedestrian and he told us that the checkpoint was supposed to open at 13:25.  He joined us in the car and told us that  he was a  Bedouin who lives there and his brothers wait for him at the gate.  We went back.  Indeed, his brothers were waiting for him at the gate and we all waited for the soldiers.  A military vehicle arrived which waited near the shed of the soldiers, but did not open the gate.  A few bicyclists joined us.

13:35  The soldiers arrive. An officer came out of the military vehicle and joined the soldiers.  He spoke with them and with those passing through.  The Bedouin's brothers told us that he has 2 children who study here, apparently in Jayyus.  He lives along the border, their mother lives in Jordan and he and his 2nd wife are bringing them up when one of them is in Jayyus.  Meanwhile, 3 tractors go by, one of which is full of lemons.

13:50  The soldiers are not in a hurry to leave.  We waited a few minutes, but no one arrived, so we left.

Opening hours of the checkpoint at Falamiya, according to the DCO:

morning:  6:15 - 6:45

Afternoon:  12:45 - 13:15

Evening:  5:10-5:25