'Azzun, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla, Jit Junction, Madama

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Carol Cook, Fathiah Akfa, Translation: Hanna Stein

13.45.  Habla

We met our two colleagues (Nina and Herzliya) on their watch, and so we did not stop and continued on our route.

13.55. Azzun

An army vehicle stands next to the entry gate.

14.20. Jat junction

The post is manned.

14.40. Maadma

 Izhar settlers are flattening the area south of the village. The area belongs to Palestinians who have  legal ownership. The work takes place at night and because of its proximity to the settlement, they owners cannot come close. The head of the local council approached the Civil Administration and the army, and the answer was: the work is being done for military purposes.

15.00. Burin

On Sunday, 14.6.18, Izhar settlers burned a Palestinian olive grove of 6 dunam, next to the settlement. This was done towards evening. The grove belongs to our friend Duha, who watched the fire from her porch with her family, and they wept. We stood on the porch and saw the totally burnt grove where only black ashes remained.  Of course the fire brigade could not reach the area and by the time they turned to the army, it was already dark.

The post next to the school is manned  and two jeeps stand there.

15.30. Hawarra

Many soldiers next to the square south of the checkpoint. All the posts and positions are manned.

15.40. Beit Furiq

An army vehicle stands at the village entrance.

16.25.  Z’atra

The post is manned.