Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Nina, Hagit S.S.; Translator: Natanya

From Meitar to road 60 – Two entrance to Abda are still closed. At the entrance to Deir Razah there is an opening in the blockade. It seems that  the villagers had  had enough. Al Fawwar is open.

Kiryat Arba is quiet and calm. At the square of the garden of the grave of Baruch Goldstein the Succot which were built for the holiday still stand and also some of the decorations wave in the wind.

At the store opposite the locksmith Azzam  we have a good converstation with a local who speaks Hebrew well and is glad to see what is written on our tags. He asks what we can do. He understands our answer  and agrees with us that there are problems on both sides and both sides have the same wish. 

The house of contention is completely covered with the Israeli  flags. Next to it  in the post is an armed  Israeli soldier and two inside  the area next to it where they are receiving  a briefing from two others. 

In the area of the Cave of  the Patriarchs there are the remains of sign and fences from the Succot  holiday.\

At Abed's we meet a  Jewish guide with a group of English tourists who leads “Dual Narrative tours” or “The Abrahamic reunion” . (Natanya : Eliyahu Maclean).  He has been working for 4 years and brings groups every week for a tour. He tells of the reason for the life of Jews in Hebron and afterwards passed the groupn onm to a Palestinian guide  who tells her story and afterwards they meet with Noam Arnon (whom he describes as one of the more moderate who represents the settlers. If I understood correctly this is in the spirit of the late Rabbi Froman of the desire to cooperate with the Palestinians. He also organizes once a week in Jerusalem,  together with other people , joint prayers with the leaders of three religions, “Praying together in Jerusalem.”

There are also some pilgrims from France who have a spirited discussion with Nina.

We made a short trip the Path of the Worshippers where we meet with Araf Jaber who since the incident with the “Shooting soldiers” and who photographs there has become a “security risk”. Now he is no longer allowed to make renovations to his home.

We went back to road 317 and at the shop of Zif we stop to unload  large parcels of clothing.