Burin (Yitzhar), Habla Checkpoint (1393), Huwwara, Jit Junction, Madama, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Carol Kook and Fathiya (reporting) Translator: Hanna K.

13:45 - Habla. Two soldiers walk around near the shed and the water well. At that moment many people arrived. They were very anxious and feared that the gate would be closed before they would enter. The two soldiers came up to us and asked us to leave as they had a mission. We told them that there was still a quarter of an hour till the closureinfo-icon. They answered that the gate would be closed at one o’clock. Orders! They went away and we waited to see what the mission was.

14:20 - Jit junction – manned.

14:25 – Madama – the gate near the bridge – the western entrance – is still closed.

Burin – the post near the school is manned.

15:00 Huwwara, Beit Furiq – empty.

At the entrance to Burin stood a military tender and a few soldiers near it.

15:30 Za’tara – all the posts are manned.


A supplement from today's Al-Ittihad newspaper , 27.2

On Monday, the settlers took over large areas of  Madame.

A group of settlers from Yitzhar entered an area called al-Qadat South of the village and began to fence the area under the protection of the security forces.

At that time, the villagers arrived but the army dispersed them with tear gas.

Meanwhile, the army announced the area as a closed military zone.

Next week we will enter  the town to look into the matter.