Gush Etzion: Early in the morning the occupation is "drowsy"

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Hagit (with Mohammad) – report and photos

We started very early in the morning, all’s quiet.
Very few children on their way to school.

Near the 160 curve checkpoint inside Hebron many military vehicles were seen as though getting ready for action. But no people. The Ramadan fast leaves many people at home. First groups of Muslims reached the Cave of the Patriarchs for prayer. Only Ovad has not yet opened his shop.

This week comprises Muslim holy days for praying at the Cave of the Patriarchs / Ibrahimi Mosque.

Many more cars with Palestinian license plates are parked next to homes. There may be a mishap with the issued permits. Anyway, it’s 7 am and all is simply deserted.

We drove over to view Jab’a Checkpoint, or as occupation-laundered language calls it – The Lamed Heh Crossing. We hoped to meet people there and get acquainted. The checkpoint was empty and return to the Green Line (Israel proper) was swift.

This quiet in the early morning hours made the occupation that meets the eye bearable, and even this is only an apparition. For me. Privileged as I am…