Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A. and a guest. Translation: Naomi Gal

10:40 about 20 people were at the waiting hall. An elderly man said that at 9:00 they let in a few people but on one since then. We turned to the officer and described the situation. It did not help. In the meantime, people arrived who were summoned by GSS and they were let in at once. Those who wanted to talk with the policeman were let in, but came out immediately because the policeman was not there.

11:30 still not one of the waiting people was let in. We again turned to the officer, and he said that the procedure was to let people in by waves. You let in a wave, take care of them and then let in the next wave. At 11:35 they read the names of the 12 of those waiting and let them in. 10 remained in the waiting hall.

A man came to us and said he worked for nine months in a large building company and one day he discovered that he is GSS prevented and won’t be able to continue working. The company wants to continue to employ him; he said he was at a loss. We advised him what to do.

Another GSS prevented who spoke to us said that he had a permit but it was taken away. He has no idea why. He too is at a loss. A woman married to an Arab from Beit Jala, complained that they refused to renew her magnetic card because it expires in August. They refused to renew it earlier and she will have to come again. A young man, who is majoring in biotechnology at Hadassah Ein Kerem received an entry permit.