Northern checkpoints: Because of the intense heat people leave earlier for work and return earlier as well.

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Ruti Touval and Rachel Weitzman (reporting) Tal Haran translating


15:15 Hersmesh and Ya’abad Checkpoints

We crossed Barta’a Checkpoints on our way to Hermesh checkpoint. A car with an Israeli license plate was ahead of us, with Arab citizens of Israel inside. Generally there are many more Israeli cars crossing over into Area A. The checkpoint is unmanned. Some cars cross unhampered. We drive to Ya’abad Checkpoint and see the same there. We do not see soldiers at the checkpoint, only Paratrooper unit banners at every post on the way as well as the checkpoint. Some infrastructure works are carried out near the checkpoint.

15:45 Barta’a Checkpoint

We disembarked on the Palestinian side, filled with workers and vehicles. We had the feeling that because of the intense heat people leave earlier for work and return earlier as well.

We are approached again with the request to arrange for a shade to be put up for people waiting for their transport vehicles. Some months ago we approached the director of this checkpoint and now promised to do so again. As if by plan, we ran into R. as we were leaving the checkpoint, and asked him again to look into this.

16:10 Toura-Shaked Checkpoint

The checkpoint was very quiet, as usual. There is no dumpster and all the trash is scattered around. This too is the normal situation here. We met a man from Dahr al Malih who is being bureaucratically harassed. He lives here in the village. His mother, resident of Ya’abad, is ill with cancer and he must stay with her and take care of her. Because he stays overnight in Ya’abad he was denied permission to go back and live in his home in Dahr al Malih. He has to rent a flat in Ya’abad, even though he lacks the resources for this. Lately the permit to go back to his village was returned for a few months, but he is fearful of the future. We gave him the phone number of the Centre for the Defense of the Individual, took him home and left.