Hebron: Curfew for Palestinians from 5:00 pm

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.Phone conversations - Michal and Muhammad

Michal's conversation with Idris

Idris from Hebron lives up Tel Rumeida. His olive trees are at the top of the hill, near the settlement. The olives are an important component of livelihood: oil and olives.

 He called and said that the civil administrationinfo-icon does not allow them to reach the olive plot and harvest.  He laments: This is the source of the children's food. The olives fall to the ground and the entire crop is lost.

They are being locked down in practice. They are allowed to go out for an hour to buy groceries on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays only. He wonders if they, meaning the Palestinian residents of Hebron, are Hamas in the eyes of the army


Muhammad's conversation with Bassem

Bassem lived on the Zion axis, in front of Beit HaMeriva, (House of Contention), which will now be called Beit HaShalom (House of Peace) by the settlers. Bassem has permission in principle to drive his car on the Zion axis, but the permission cannot be exercised as he cannot reach the Zion axis, because of the checkpoints. The car is parked across the Zion axis, near Beit HaMerivah, on the Palestinian side of the city. Bassem has a shop at the entrance to his house.

.Bassem says that since the beginning of the war, many settlers in full uniform, masked, walk the streets. He does not know if they are from the Jewish settlement in Hebron. There are also a lot of soldiers, gathering together with the settlers, under the House of Contention, and also near the mosque. From the beginning of the war, they were ordered to enter the home, pushed and forbidden to leave. This also applies to his brother who lives with his family across the street. Bassem's shop is closed.

The children hardly go to school. They don't learn much, sometimes they can't get to school. Afraid of the soldiers.

From five o'clock in the afternoon there is a curfew:  One day off, the next day on, alternately. At five o'clock all the checkpoints between Palestinian Hebron and the territory of the Jewish settlement are closed. The Palestinian residents must return to their homes before five, otherwise they will be forced to stay on the Palestinian side! The army posted notices about the curfew and the mandatory rules.