Habla (1393), Eliyahu crossing: hard-hearted soldiers

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Karin L., Nina S., Translation, Tal Haran

The checkpoint functions rapidly, but at the last moment as the soldiers begin to close it Palestinians arrive and wish to cross it, but the soldiers’ hearts are closed and no one crosses any more.

Habla checkpoint: As we came at 1:30 p.m., one person is waiting. At 1:40 soldiers, the checkpoint opened, and soon the waiting line grew and over 50 people crossed on their way home from work at the nurseries in the seam zone towards Habla and further away. Going home they were not inspected. On the Habla side as well pedestrians await to cross towards the nurseries. They are inspected in a bungalow that had not been in use for a few years and must have now returned, used very slowly. Movement is very slow now. For some reason, pedestrians go back freely, whereas cars headed for Habla are waiting. Why? God only knows. The inefficiency and lack of consideration are remarkable.

1:55 p.m. – two pedestrians arrive from Habla after the soldiers came out of the bungalow and began to let the vehicles through, and they are not willing to let the pedestrians through although the gate is open and trucks are still crossing. Another two pedestrians arrive from the seam zone and they too are refused. The soldiers are brutally following orders. Just like that. Stone hearts.

The Eliyahu Checkpoint junction: we came to see if and whether Palestinians are taken off buses here and they are not allowed to continue into Palestine.

Indeed, bus no. 81 arrived and many passengers disembarked. They all continue to walk quickly to the checkpoint. One woman passenger told us that they are not allowed to continue on the bus. Even if they just want to go to Azzun they have to disembark, cross the checkpoint on foot and continue with a Palestinian cab. The next bus passing here is due in another 40 minutes. Two buses that cross here come from Kfar Saba and Ra’anana. There was also a bus that came and turned around, before entering the checkpoint. Everyone disembarked. It is a special bus driving to the checkpoint from Kfar Saba, and only Palestinians ride it.