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Nurith P., Vivy K. (reporting) Nadim (driving)

Farmers everywhere cultivate their land according to their own time-table. Here, Palestinian farmers, whose lands were confined beyond the fence, cultivate their land according to the time-table of the army.


Abu-Salman checkpoint at Ramadan.jpg
Abu Salman CP,  05:40


Abu Salman (Jalud) CP

05:40 - The Abu Salman (Jalud) 1419 CP (in the past it was closed for farmers. Now it is active, replacing the Beit Amin (Abu Salman) 1447 CP, which is due to be opened at 08:00). This CP is open for passage for 15 minutes.

A group of farmers waits to pass. Some of the waiting farmers speak Hebrew fluently. They try to express themselves in moderation and restraint but the feelings of offense and insult is clearly felt.

One talks about the difficulty of matching the work and the schedule enforced by the army. It has been going on for many years, but one cannot get used to it. They cannot arrive earlier nor be late. They say: when the soldiers are late – one cannot do anything but wait. If we are a minute late – they won’t let us pass. These are not reasonable conditions for cultivating land. One person, A., told us that he was the owner of an area in Oranit. Some time ago a strange man, an Israel, entered his plot with a tractor and plowed it down. Luckily for him, his appeal to the Palestinian Authority was answered and the plot was returned to him.

The farmers arrive at the gate from the nearby villages: for example, an inhabitant of Azun Atma has to come to the far-off Abu Salman 1419 gate (opposite the settlement of Nirit) to reach his lands, which are situated in the opposite direction, between Oranit and Kafr Kassem. Instead of ten minutes in a normal situation – it takes him about an hour to reach his plot. And the schedule is dictated by the army.

If they forget their cell phone at home they cannot go back and get it.

06:00 – Hable 1393 CP

It is opened three times a day for half an hour each time.

Many people are waiting. They say that owing to the Ramadan today there are less than half the number of people who usually pass at this CP.



Hable checkpoint at Ramadan
Habla CP – 06:00. People wait for the gate to be opened.


Hable Checkpoint beyond the wire fince
Habla CP, view from the side. Waiting for the checking after the interior gate was .opened

Here too, the farmers waiting to pass are quiet and reserved. The soldiers perform the checking very slowly.

The farmers say that sometimes the soldiers at the checkpoint perform the checking more quickly, but usually the passage is slow. They wait about 45 minutes to pass. Most of those we talked to said they had plots of land on the other side of the CP.