Anin checkpoint: The wedding of the dead

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Neta Golan, Shuli Bar (photos and report)

5:55-7:50 Barta’a Checkpoint

Innovation: The Israeli occupation created a separate track for women in the crossing shed of the Barta’a Checkpoint. Perhaps this follows repeated requests by the northern MW members of the checkpoint management, according to the demands of the men who asked to prevent the women’s harassment. Please note the exclamation points in the sign !!

Passage flowed unhampered.


The town of Ya’abad wakes up. Good morning, we’re home

This town is spread upon a hill range overlooking the Dotan Valley. According to archeological findings the place has been populated continuously ever since the Iron Age (1200-586 BCE). In 1596 (426 years ago) there were 62 families here, paying the Ottoman rulers taxes for their crops of wheat and barley, olives, grapevines, goats and honey.

The colony of Mevo Dotan is built on the opposite hill. The main road to Jenin passes between the two, and guarded by the Ya’abad-Dotan Checkpoint. The colony was founded in 1980 upon 120 dunams of the village lands, confiscated for its sake.

People say that the growing population and the size of the advertisements attest to poor deals in real estate - or any other product. In addition, in the present reality there is an awakening of interest in colony construction and expansion following the bright Smutrichized future… Even the Lubavitcher Rebbe – King Messiah – is interested in the area.


The checkpoint is unmanned, traffic flows. Here and there we receive smiles and greetings, and perhaps that is the reason for our presence here on Wednesdays, early in the morning.


Anin Checkpoint (photo from the archive – only Mahmoud I. crosses the checkpoint gate, and the soldiers arrive only for his sake. All the rest of the people cross all day through breaches in the Separation Fence).


We were very moved to meet Mahmoud at the checkpoint today. He terminated his days of mourning for his son Ibrahim, and has returned to work. His son was an officer in the Drugs Squad of the Palestinian Authority Police, and was killed/murdered at a confrontation with drug dealers from Jenin. Four of the dealer gang were caught, the other two are hiding in Israel and Abu Mazen has submitted an extradition plea. Contact with us has existed ever since we began our shifts at this checkpoint, I no longer remember when. Long ago. We (MachsomWatchers of the north) buy his olive oil and olives, bring him clothes, and make phone calls when he tries to extricate himself from bureaucracy’s tentacles. Ever since his tragedy we did not see him, about a month, perhaps more. He does not look his usual self, has suddenly aged, but his regular smile is still there. He is ready and able to tell us about Ibrahim, his handsome successful son who studied for 4 years at the Cairo police academy, and shares with us an amazing story. Ibrahim reached the age of 27, and his parents began to speak of a wife, a wedding, ‘it’s high time’… Their son answered: In one month’s time I shall have a huge and fancy wedding, no wife. Just me. A month later he was murdered. His funeral and mourning shed were attended by 20,000 people.