In Susiya, daily rampage by settlers and the army

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Telephone report with Azzam from Susia Michal Tz. and Mohammad
Jewish Terror

On the phone, Azam told us that since Saturday, October 7th, the settler-colonists have been on a wild rampage. The next day (he says “a day after the “disaster”) army bulldozers came and blocked all entrances to the village. Since then, the village is unapproachable by car.

Since that day and especially for the past week, colonists come 4 times a day, yell, beat on doors, curse and threaten to murder if all inhabitants of Palestinian Susia do not leave for Yatta, the neighboring town. They say “This is our land. We returned to it. Go away!”

At night they come, conduct a “search”, saying they’re looking for arms. They trash the home and leave.

A day before yesterday, a group of boys from Susya colony and other colonies ran amok undisturbed. Suddenly masked people arrived, wearing Israeli army uniforms. Azam asked for their help and were answered with yells to shut up. Don’t talk, go indoors! They enabled the colonists to pass from one home to another, go in, run rampage and threaten people. They yelled at Azam’s wife and cursed him. He has not shut an eye for over 24 hours, fearing they will be back at any moment.

Azam whispers as if to himself: I don’t get it, is this a state within a state? I don’t understand what is going on!

Today volunteers from Taayush and Breaking the Silence arrived and will stay with them in Susia. But it’s important for the media to get there. It’s important that the whole world know about the colonists’ vandalism, getting stronger with no one to stop them.


For your attention, we added an archive photo of Azam in his then well-tended Susia home…