Mufaqara – the freed donkey came back home

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Muhammed, Daphna and a guest; Translator: Natanya
מופקרה - עם פאדל

Meitar barrier, Thursday, normal traffic.

We went to Fadel  Of Mufaqara.

He is at home, because the settlers from Avigail and the soldiers do not let him plough his land , near and far from the settlement. He tried to plough but they chased him away. The soldier even wanted to confiscate the donkey he plouged with! Fadel released the donkey which and returned home. The price: Fadel will not receive permission to work in Israel. He has contacted a lawyer about it and it will cost them a lot of money. He says that every day young settlers from Avigail, pass through the village, on their way to the settlement, with weapons, cursing, making vile movements and continue on their way.

The army is mainly located close to the settlements, to guard them.

All the children of the village, about 20, walk alone for over an hour, to the At-Tuwani school and back. On rainy days, walking is difficult and they  usually stay at home.

On the day we visited, the wedding of Fadel's brother's daughter is taking place, so most of the family will go to the wedding that will take place in Yatta. That is why Fadel's children did not go to school.


Naser Nawaja’, a B'Tselem investigator from Susiya, has a trial in the Ofer camp. The allegation:  he beat a soldier several months ago, when he tried to prevent him from taking pictures.

On the road leading to Yatta, in front of At-Tuwani: the checkpoint we saw a week ago, and which lasted for about a week, was taken down.

In At- Tuwani, we expressed our condolences to Nasser, whose grandson, who was waiting for heart surgery in Israel, passed away. Very sad.

On the way we met many children, who had left the at At-Tuwani school, and started their long journey back, on foot, to the surrounding villages.