Etzion DCL

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Shlomit Sh., Ora A.


11:50 Because of winter weather there were no people waiting outside. However, the waiting hall, too, was empty. A young man came out and approached us. He said he was Shabak-denied entry into Israel. The denial was revoked and he was told he must pay fines. Now, one week after paying them, he found out he was still denied. About 10 years ago he was detained, tried, and surprisingly enough – acquitted. Now suddenly he was denied entry once again, but he is not willing to accept this and intends to struggle and if necessary even appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court. We directed him to Sylvia for further process.

After him an elderly man came out, depressed and hopeless because he was refused after applying to have his two sons come into Israel to the Hadassah Hospital to nurse their mother, hospitalized in the cancer ward. After appealing to Meir, who looks after health issues, they were granted permits for 13 days.