Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Ariela Slonim and Muhammad, from whom I learn a lot;Translator: Natanya

On road 60 the traffic is normal and maybe a bit less than usual. Here and there were soldiers.

Soldiers stand at Samoa at the entrance to the village but the road is open. At Abda, a little before the crossroads of Dura El fawwar and at the crossroads of Bani Naim. The entrance to Hebron next to Givat Gal is blocked. The atmosphere of Hebron is festive, Both Ramadan and the eve of Shavuot.   There are many children and adults in the streets. Girls come back from school with balloons and the Palestinian flag. Some of the streets are decorated with colourful flags and some of course with the Israeli flag.

On the way back we stopped with pleasure at the vegetable stall of Ibrahim at the crossroads of Dura. The area is filled with soldiers but the roads are open. At the neighborhood of Kapisha a truck has arrived at the checkpoint. It seems that here we have the weird procedure of back to back. There is a warning sign, fences and a boy with a ball goes to play football.

Ariela Slonim 30.5.17
Ariela Slonim 30.5.17