A-Tuwani - settlers, under the protection of the soldiers, destroy and burn Palestinian property

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Semadar, Michal (Photographing and reporting) and Muhammad.; Translator: Natanya
עצי זית פגועים
מבט מא-תוואני על רכיז

Following problematic events last Saturday between the settlers of the Maon farm and the people of A-Tuwani, we went to see and hear from them what had happened. We met Fuad who was injured in the incident. There were stitches in his head  and his ribs are broken. In a central place in the village they arranged chairs and waited for EU representatives to come to get a report. I wish they too would report on what is happening.

Also to report on Eviatar and what is happening with this illegal settlement and which  appears as an example of the trend and conduct which receives the approval of the government.

We did not have time to wait and join the meeting and we went with Basel to see the remains of the destruction of the houses which were a few kilometer away.  The temporary houses of the shepherds which they used when out with the flocks or were tending the olive orchards had been burned. There had been a big fire and everything had been burned. The  olive saplings  were broken or badly scorched. In the meantime, to try to save them, the villagers have  put up a kind of wooden cross that supports each tree.

This is what a plot full of crucified olive trees looks like ... and my head was at a different time in a different place under different circumstances. (Michal was reminded of the way the Romans crucified the Jews in ancient times.)

Basel says that every Saturday settlers who come by bus flock as reinforcements to the locals and burn and beat and destroy everything that belongs to them and which  is in the area between them and Havat Maon. A father and two sons  were arrested about a month ago and have not yet been released.(Palestinians, of course. Settlers are practically  never arrested, soon released and never brought to justice)

The army arrives and watches from the side. So are the police. No one prevents or stops the settlers. The people of A-Tuwani are terrified when Saturday comes around.

I wish we could have been there in real time. It seems to me that it would have strengthened them greatly.