South Hebron Hills - settler terror

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Smadar Becker(reporting) and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya
א-תוואני - נסר נוואג'עה מדווח לנו מתוך דיווח שהכין עבור בצלם
א-תוואני - חמדאן מסוסיא בבית משפחת עדרה

In the morning we called Nasser Nawaja’ from Susiya, to find out if there was anything new and if he could give us information as where it was desirable that we should visit.

He invited us to the home of the Adara family in At- Tuwani because he was meeting with activists, in order to report on events for which he had collecting reports to B’Tselem.

These are just a few of the many events that happen every day.

The day before the attack on Givat HaAvot in Hebron took place (Palestinian shooting at a father who was killed and his son, and Ofer Ohana seriously injured), Nasser's reports:


Al Thala, near Umm al Kheir, settlers uprooted 30 saplings of olive trees.


In At- Tuwani, at the Jadalla family's farm, settlers destroyed a 10 meter-long fence.


In Simri, near Mitzpe Yair, a settler brought his herd into an olive grove where there were 200 trees with fruit, destroyed a 100 meter-long fence, and stole 50 iron poles.


Settlers broke into the land of a farmer from Susiya cut a 50 meter long fence, and stole 30 iron posts.


The settler Amisav Peled arrived in Hamdan's section (he lives not far from Nasser in Susiya), accompanied by 2 threatening dogs. He held a knife in his hand, and for about an hour, between 9:00 and 10:00, shouted and threatened Hamdan, and then left. At least no real damage was done, just a rough encounter.


Settlers from Ma'on farms took their herds into the olive groves of some At- Tuwani residents. When they called the police to complain, they were told that it was not possible to file a complaint that day, and that they would come another day. We are not surprised. 

After that, we met Ahmad, Abu Safi's neighbor on road 317, to give him clothes. He says that Israel Kaplan often enters his territory. We have known about Kaplan's actions for a long time. 

The parking lots at the Meitar checkpoint were packed on both sides.