South Hebron Hills: Settlers confiscate tractor and return with threat to never dare plow his land again

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Mohammed and Raya Y. (reporting). Translation: Danah Ezekiel
Jewish Terror

The Meitar checkpoint these days is empty of vehicles and people moving through.

At the checkpoint, we met Mohammed Fares from Shuweika. He tells us that soldiers entered his home and searched, and found military pants. the pants were bought at the (cheap) flea market, Mohammed wears them when he goes to his job in Israel.

He and his nephew were immediately arrested, taken to the base in Othniel, they were treated violently, they were beaten, they were only released a few hours later, they were returned to the road and not to their home.

Since the day he was arrested, Mohammed is barred from entering Israel (because of the pants).  He is trying to get the work permit back.

At the entrance to road 317 we see a white civilian vehicle enlisted by the IDF.  The soldiers have set up a checkpoint and are checking  vehicles with Palestinian identification plates.

We went in to check what's going on with Yishak Jabarin from Sha’b al Butum, because we haven't heard from him since Gedaliah's sons took his tractor a week ago: they pulled the tractor with their vehicle. Two days ago the tractor was returned, and together with the tractor came threats not to ever dare  plow his land again.


The settlers roam the area, commit crimes, do as they please and the army watches and does not interfere.