South Hebron Hills - on Sunday there is tremendous pressure at the checkpoint

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Yehudit K. (reporting) and Muhammad D.; Translator: Natanya

As usual on Sunday there is tremendous pressure at the checkpoint, much  pushing and tension. Around and behind the checkpoint many illegal workers. Many of them are young but also adults. On  the way down Highway 60 are many cars, Israeli and Palestinian, crazy driving by both sides. Worst because of winter holidays.

Because of Christmas the children are not in school and they on the road  in the narrow and dangerous  sidelines.

Checkpoints: The entrance to the SamiaDahariya, Abda, Fawwar, entrance to Hebron opposite Beit Haggai, the Sheep Junction and Zif (317). Because of the above the army is present and not the border guard.

Due to a minor accident I was injured in the leg and it was hard for me to get in and  out of the car so we did not get into

the villages this time.