The northern checkpoints: the huge wall is closing in on all the barriers

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Hagar D.M. (Photographs), Neta Golan Marcia L., Translation

16.15 – 14.30 

14:30 – Anin Checkpoint

Although the checkpoint opened only at 16:00, (there is really no definite hour)’ three tractors and people already finished their work and wait under the trees.  We were told that this morning, about 100 people left the checkpoint to work.

The work to seal the fence by building a high wall is in progress.  The wall gets longer and hides the landscape and Anin village.

From the checkpoint, we observed and saw the great expansion of the Tel Menashe settlement.

Barta’a Checkpoint

Although the shooting event yesterday in the area (the settlement of Hermesh), the atmosphere around the checkpoint is routine.  Residents of East Barta’a’ and young people who work the second shift, pass through from the West Bank to the Seamline Zone, and hundreds of workers who work in Israel, from the Seamline Zone return to the West Bank.

We hear complaints from workers that in the mornings there are problems with the magnetic cards.  One of those who crosses the checkpoint told us that this morning, he crossed at about 06:00, but returned for a few minutes because he forgot his keys.  When he returned, a red light went off and he was prevented from crossing.  Only at 08:00, when the pressure lessened, those who work at the checkpoint allowed him to cross.  According to his complaint, “Only at Barta’a Checkpoint are there problems with magnetic cards.”

In a conversation with the Deputy Commander of the checkpoint, he made it clear that there is an assigned time on every worker’s magnetic card when entrance is allowed.  If the worker arrives at another time, he has to wait until 08:00; only then, those who run the checkpoint allow him to pass

Tura Checkpoint

Conducted as usual. Workers from the West Bank leave the checkpoint with their belts in their hands (after a body inspection) for the second shift in Umm al Fahm.  Workers return from Israel and the Seamline Zone and complain, as usual, about the late hour the checkpoint opens in the morning (at 07:00).