Fuqeiqis - a village under siege!

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Telephone report: Muhammad spoke with Rania of Fuqeiqis
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Location: Fuqeiqis is a small village near the settlements of Negohot A and B. The necessities of life and supplies rely on the villages (towns) of Khursa to the east and Beit Awa to the west. Rania's family, the Jadallah family, lives in a separate compound from the village, right between the two Nagohot settlements and next to Hagai's sheep farm.

In the attached photo, taken by Muhammad about two months ago, the Jadallah family home is visible.

In a telephone conversation, Rania says that at the beginning of the war, on the Shabbat of Simhat Torah, the exits from the village, both in the direction of Khursa and in the direction of Beit Awa, were blocked. There is no crossing by car or on foot. They were thus besieged with no passage and no supplies. After about a week, when the children's milk also ran out, they called the army - for candy. The army opened the blockade towards Beit Awa for four hours. Then, renew the blocks.

In general, all transportation has been suspended. Because of this, she moved with two of her sisters to live (temporarily) in Dura, where they work in some store and in a factory. Otherwise, she could not continue working. South Mount Hebron. Fuqeiqis - a village under siege!