Aanin checkpoint: opened two hours late!

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Neta Golan, Shuli Bar (photos, report)

Children’s game – on child counts to three, hiding his face. When he opens his eyes the other children must freeze…

5:50 – 6:35 Barta’a Checkpoints and the snakes

At the entrance to the checkpoints and at the upper car-part, numerous contractor transports drive around and maneuver. From the terminal many workers hurry to be picked up to work in Israel. At the lower car-park, since 4:30 a.m. 3-4 waiting lines curl like snakes towards the entrance of the passage shed. It is filled to bursting. Every 3 minutes the situation changes. They stand, they move. Stand, move. The length of the snaking lines stays for about an hour, for more and more workers keep arriving. Inside the shed we saw only one woman, her neighbors in the line kept their distance. We greeted her and she blew us a kiss. That’s moving… At the side people wait who arrived early but do not wish to crowd. Two youngsters, blacklisted and prevented from entering Israel receive Sylvias card. One of them is a security guard at the checkpoint, earns only 3000 NIS a month and desperate to find work in Israel and live. The second asked for a permit for his brother, also blacklisted. We recommended they first turn to the DCO at Salem and then begin the process. At 6:00 a.m. more people exited the terminal and less people arrived at the checkpoint, so the lines ended.

For two elderly Israeli women like us, the patient atmosphere kept in all this crowding was a wonder.


6:45-8:20 a.m. Anin Agricultural Checkpoint 

We arrived about ten minutes early. There were no contractor transports from Israel at the junction, and no traffic at the checkpoint itself. The friendly fence guards had nothing to do. The checkpoint is surrounded with filth. It was opened 2 hours late, at 9:00 a.m. by the Military Police. We called the DCO who immediately hung up on us: “Don’t call here, this is an emergency line!” (Delaying Palestinians isn’t an emergency?) We left before crossing the checkpoint began, and M. updated us.


Toura-Shaked “fabric of life” Checkpoint – Small, deserted and filthy

Usually there is not much traffic here. But surprise!! There’s action today. About seven men and two women exited it one by one, headed for Barta’a. It was a delegation of teachers/supervisors of the Palestinian Board of Education situated in Jenin. Once every 4 months they come to check the state of schooling in Eastern (Palestinian’s) Barta’a.

מחסום מרקם חיים  טורה-שקד – קטן שומם ומלוכלך

בדרך כלל אין תנועה רבה במחסום זה אך הפתעה, היום אקשן! כשבעה גברים ושתי נשים יצאו ממנו אחד-אחת ופניהם לברטעה. זו משלחת מורים/פקחים ממשרד החינוך הפלסטיני היושבת בג'נין. אחת לארבעה חודשים הם באים לבדוק את מצב החינוך בבתי הספר בברטעה המזרחית.

06:45-08:20 מחסום חקלאי עאנין – איפה המפתח להבנת הכיבוש

הקדמנו בעשר דקות בערך. בצומת לא היו מכוניות של קבלנים מישראל ובמחסום עצמו שום תנועה. אוף. שומרי הגדר הנחלאים החביבים (שתינו נחלאיות במיל!) הסתובבו באפס מעשה. מסביב למחסום זוהמה ולכלוך. המחסום נפתח באיחור של שעתיים, בתשע, בידי המשטרה הצבאית. צלצלנו למת"ק אך הם מייד טרקו את הטלפון בפנינו: "לא לצלצל לכאן זה טלפון חירום!" (כך גם עיכוב הפלסטינים). יצאנו לפני שהמעבר התחיל, ומ' עדכן אותנו.