Jordan Valley: Shepherd accompaniment

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Rachel A. (photos and report), Matan K. Translated by Danah E.

We accompanied Barhan in Khalet Makhul. It was a pleasant and beautiful day. The sheep ran to the mountains and we followed them.

A new donkey has arrived in the neighborhood, a white one decorated with jewels. The days of Messiah? He is 8 years old, came from Jenin, knows the job.

Matan, who accompanied us for the first time, turned out to be a born shepherd. He immediately perceived the herd nature of the flock, and calling out in the language of the shepherds: "brrrrr" "oooooo” and such, he tried them out, and they came and went.  He got an outstanding grade.

The day was quiet, only the volleys from the shooting range and the soldiers' calls from Thursday's formation parade interrupted the silence.

Since there is no rain, there is also not much pasture. So they nibbled on the thorns that survived from last season, and got their breakfast upon our return to the camp:  straw, and water, and an hour later they got almonds, mostly shells. This is what replaces their barley since the grain crisis that afflicts the world, owing to the war in Ukraine.


The herd has grown this season. Lots of new lambs bleating in the shed. Geese cackle and honk outside and if they don't like you they will bite your leg. The pigeons dance and whirl in the sky and everything is constantly moving.


Family visits to Makhul, a trip to Atuf, to the green fields, the green of onions. The puddles of irrigation water make the road very difficult. They still haven't removed the blockade since the attack a few months ago.