Accompanying shepherds in Hamra: Stormy day

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M. Rosman, Hagar Gefen (reporting) Translation: Naomi Halste


Who knew what the weather would bring today? In any case, accompanying today revolved around the storm. [Storm Carmel hit Israel from December 20-21]. We left late and decided to take the flock high into the hills, but to stay close enough to home. From time to time there were powerful gusts of wind, bringing with them drops of rain, perhaps from the coastal plain. 

It was fun accompanying the shepherds in that kind of weather. Clouds turn grey and then, two hours later, the sun shines through, while the wind forces us to double up so we can walk through it.

In our conversation with the shepherds, the idea of a possible visit to another community of shepherds came up. I understood that there are different customs in a different community.

If they say ahlan wa-sahalan (“welcome”), it’s OK to visit.

To our delight, accompanying the shepherds on that stormy day ended without incident.