Etzion DCL

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Shlomit Steinitz and Natanya Ginsburg
Etzion DCL - the gun on the jacket

Sylvia will have many people turning to her. Today as soon as we parked and until we left, we had people coming to us for help. 

We were approached by two men with stories which show how easily people become prevented and how police and soldiers misuse their authority. One man was in East Jerusalem and smoking marijuana. He was told to put out the cigarette which he did ....... and then found that he was prevented. Had he been Jewish would any action have been taken against him? Another, in a village, at a wedding fired off his gun and the same thing happened to him. People don 't want to understand that this presages the future for us as well.

A woman came with her husband who had been in Israel hoping to find work.... but had not been able to find anything with the opportunities which are now given to people to do so. He stayed on illegally, was caught and is now prevented. 

Another went in with a counterfeit permit... the fight for survival ..... and was caught.

Another who as a result of "family reunion", lives in Israel and has a license to drive there,  was working independently for one of the inhabitants of  Beitar Ilit and had brought in  the materials and tools  he needed to carry out the work.  But when he again tried to enter the security there would not let him in as they said that his permit was only for Israel and not the occupied territory. He could go in but on foot. Two points: the first why was he allowed in with the car in the first place. Even more interesting, by saying that his permit is only for Israel and not for the occupied territories, they admit that Beitar Illit is not in Israel.

A man who has wandered the world had a permit and a day or two ago was told that he was now security prevented. He said he had a brother and father who had sat in jail, but he had had nothing to do with them. He spoke an excellent English and also translated for us. But when he said that he was going into the offices and I saw what he was wearing I told him to take off his jacket. You can see from the picture why we recommended him to do so  (The gun).