Khalet Makhul: Tractor confiscation for the crime of plowing.

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Yohanan D., Hagar G. (Photos and report), Translation: Danah E.C.

08.00 - 14.00

We'll start with the Gold Star flower (Gagea), and continue with Salvia Dominica (a type of Sage) (see photos), because the occupation mimics the dimensions of "Tzumud", the attachment to the land, that is, and the grip is growing stronger in all those things that characterize our lives on this land, in heritage, in long-standing practice.  Thus, we enjoy the Gold Star and we will make tea with the Dominica Sage, or add to tea, and until it dries, it will spread a pleasant smell in the house. And thus we roll the keffiyeh around the hair or as an extra cover on a hat.

In my backpack I have Cash for payment at the Israeli Postal Bank. When I pay the amount, over NIS 2,000, a stamp will be placed on a certificate from the Judea and Samaria Supervision Unit. The certificate will bear only a receipt number, and the identification number of the Palestinian shepherd.  He has no name and no address.  

Interestingly, we know his name, address, family....

His tractor was confiscated by soldiers of the IDF.  The reason:  The crime of plowing his land after the first rain. The shepherd will get back the signed receipt and one member of the family will have to miss a day's work to drive and fetch the tractor.

This is how Palestinian shepherds participate in the costs of the occupation.  Two weeks ago we transferred their money for the release of cows that crossed a road.

The shepherd we went with today received a visit yesterday:  Menachem Goshen's people arrived and explained that the entire area here belongs to Menachem.

So when you say settler, you've said evil-doing, violence, greed, objectifying, and so much more.