Etzion DCL

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Shlomit Steinitz and Natanya Ginsburg
Etzion DCL - cherries grown on stolen land
Etzion DCO - the upkeep of what is called an army installation

This is the sign that greets us now as we come to DCO Etzion. What is the name for those who handle stolen this case the land on which the cherries are grown....a fence. Not a pun. 

A quiet day. A man who in the time of Corona received a traffic fine and wishes to pay it so as not to have problems But it seems to have been wiped off the computer. We gave him the number for fines,  *35592.

A lady from Bethlehem and her husband who, with his two children live in Silwan came with the problem that she only has a permit to live with them for three months in Jerusalem. 

We met  a Jerusalemite who wished to join us. He speaks excellent Hebrew and says he could act as an interpreter but we explained that we only accept women. Come to think of it, we should have taken his phone number as there are times when we could have asked him for help. He was very appreciative of our efforts to help. Come to think of it, we get more compliments like this than the occasional......"you do nothing to help".

These pictures show the respect that this DCO has both for the Palestinians and for itself. By the way, the men's toilet is locked. So is the womens'....but that has been so for months, if not years. But all the maps which had decorated the walls are now lying all over the floor. This DCO seems to sink lower and lower. Not only with its treatment of the Palestinians who often have to squeeze themselves through the bars of the turnstile as there is rarely anyone at the window, if at all, to open it but also with the upkeep of what is called an army installation.