Anin checkpoint: Who do you think you’re hiding the occupation from?

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Rachel W. and Ruti T. (Photograph and report) Marcia L., Translation

Rachel W. and Ruthi T. (Photograph and report)

Marcia L., Translation


Who is Hiding the Occupation at the Northern Checkpoints?


06:45 - Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint


A great many workers wait for transportation to work at the intersection.  We pass the packed parking lot on the Seamline Zone side and continue on.  At this hour, many workers still go up and through the long sleeveinfo-icon (the enclosed path to the terminal) to the checkpoint. On the Palestinian side also, the enormous parking lots are almost full.  The new parking long along the road gets wider from the materials quarried from the hills.  Years ago, we witnessed the building of pretty terraces on this hill that has now turned into a quarry for another parking lot.


07:00 – Ya’bed-Dotan Checkpoint


The traffic proceeds without delay. At the top of the pillbox (guard tower) there is considerable movement.  After a few minutes, an army jeep arrives from the direction of the village of Amrecha, and it looks like it was called because of us.  Two courteous paratroopers get out and approach us.  They are worried about us and are introduced to MachsomWatch.


As we approach to Amrecha, we decide to give up on a visit to Hermesh Checkpoint which, for a long time, has not been active.  Later in the afternoon, we hear about the fatal killing that happened in this place, perhaps at the same time, or perhaps a bit later, because there is still not an atmosphere of emergency in the area.


07:40 – Tura-Shaked Checkpoint


A group of women arrives from the West Bank. They look festive and are filled with packages, marching by foot to the small nearby village of Daher al Malec. After them, is a horse-drawn wagon. A number of drivers wait in front of the gatesinfo-icon for a sign to enter.  We are less patient than they are and turn to the border police who are not in a hurry to respond.


We travel home in the direction of the lone house (that belongs to a family from Tura, who stubbornly remain on their land at the corner of the area, despite the fence that separates them and cuts them off from the village).  At the end of the road, we turn right, passed the new separation wall.  A little before the road system, on the left side, two caravans have been set up for administrative purposes.  Someone who works there wonders how we got there (he uses the system road) and does not agree to offer any information.


08:20 – Anin Checkpoint


The area is bustling with feverish activity around the new separation wall.