Rashash, Jordan Valley: a peaceful morning with the Bedouin shepherds

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Rita Mendes-Flohr reporting and photographing, Guy Hirshfeld driving

7 am to 10 am

A beautiful, peaceful morning with the Palestinian Bedouin shepherds at Rashash above the Jordan Valley. No settlers came to threaten the peace, as they did just yesterday, when the aggressive hilltop youth from the adjacent outpost "Angels of Peace" drove into the herd on an off-road vehicle and scared the herders away.

The only youngsters we saw were groups of school children on a nature hike on the marked trail to the Rashash spring and down to the Jordan valley. They did not scare the Bedouin, who are used to such outings just past their tents, but those children, most likely from the settlements, certainly see this as their land. They know no other reality.