Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Thu 18.6.09, Morning

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מקום או מחסום: 
צופות ומדווחות: 
Shoshanah Z., Esti V.

Translation: Bracha

7:30 Jubara:

We asked to enter at 07:45 and were told that we could go in, but we could not open the gate!

07:50: Anabta Checkpoint:
There is a huge accumulation of cars.  It was very difficult for us to make the left-hand turn.  The IDF is doing road construction work here. Traffic in both directions is going in one lane only.  The soldiers let traffic flow in one direction while cars going in the direction of Tulkarem are hardly ever checked.  From the direction of Tulkarem towards Ramallah every fifth car is checked.  It takes 15 minutes to a half hour for each car to get through the checkpoint.

We were not allowed to get too close and it was very difficult to estimate the size of the traffic jam at Jubara, but after a half hour of observing we could guess that the line was not too bad, but we should take into account that in the afternoon and evening the situation is very bad.

The new outpost on the line of hills of the settlements of Kedumim has not been moved.  It’s still there (with a shed and a flag).

09:15 Qalqilya
There is no checkpoint.