'Anata, Qalandiya, Thu 6.5.10, Morning

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מקום או מחסום: 
צופות ומדווחות: 
Mili M., Chana S. (reporting), 3 visitors (Yehuda of ‘Breaking the Silence’ with 2 South African visitors)

 6.20    Qalandia 
hen we arrived, three lines extended to the end of the filthy shed. 
There was a crowd at the humanitarian gate.  During the 40 minutes we were there, the gate opened three times. We noticed that there were a number of women and school pupils in one of the normal lines.  They told us that this was quicker than waiting at the humanitarian gate.  All the checking stations were open, but there were crowds at every one of them. When we left the lines were very short.

 7.10    Anata 
The head of the village council told us that a couple of days ago the private security company was changed. On the first day of the new company’s service, one of their men tried to flirt with a local girl and the company was very strictly warned by the residents that this should not happened again. harassed some girls, which caused a disturbance.By the time we arrived, most of the schoolchildren had already departed in their buses.All cars were stopped by the Border Police for i.d. checking.  Occasionally, the policewoman would make a cursory check of inside the car.  And two police would enter each bus to check occupants. Because of construction work for the new terminal (our friend says ‘it will be the biggest one’ (but we don’t know exactly whom it is to serve.  Anata? Or a wider area?), the road is all torn up and the amount of dust is incredible.  This isn’t going to help anyone’s mood in the coming summer months!