Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Stone Throwing, Remand Extension

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צופות ומדווחות: 
Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)

Translation: Diana Rubanenko

Russian Compound

Judge: Motti Schiff

Police investigator: Radi Khateeb

Defense: Anwar Abu Lafi, Fahmi Shakirat, Maamoun Hashim, Firas Sabbah

There are 8 cases in the docket, of which 2 have been barred from meeting an attorney.

The first concerns a blackballed person, who is represented by Atty. Anwar Abu Lafi.

The police seek a remand extension of another 15 days.

The charge: "Activity against regional security".

Most of the defense's questions were answered by [written in the] "confidential report" and "stages of the investigation"...

The defense attorney was insistent, and received some answers from the judge, who examined the file: - "was questioned 15 times by the GSS, has not yet given a statement to the police, did not maintain his right to silence, but his answers are over-general, and he does not cooperate fully".

The defense sums up: The suspect is 44, married with several children. Was arrested nine days ago. Was investigated in connection with several charges, answered all questions. Can be released on restrictive conditions, after providing a guarantee to appear when summoned. He is a resident of East Jerusalem, there is no risk in releasing him.

When this section of the hearing ended, we presented to Justice Schiff the pre-HCJ recommendation, that centers on the public nature of hearings, and recommends allowing us to observe all stages of hearings of those barred from meeting their lawyer.

The judge read and decided  (I wrote while he was dictating to a stenographer):

"After having heard the arguments of the ladies, I find no reason to accede to their request (observing both parts of the trial).

"The two are correct in that they are not representing the accused, but it is a fact that the law approves a judicial proceeding in which a suspect is not permitted to meet with an attorney, and this to conserve the grave security interests. The legislator saw the option of a meeting with his attorney as liable to endanger the investigation and to harm regional security.

"With all due respect to the ladies before me, the court does not recognize them at all - not their names, neither the motive that impelled them to appear at the hearing, nor their connection with the parties - which prevents the court from permitting them to be present at the hearing with everything pertaining to it [...]

"It must not be hinted that one individual or another intends to harm state security [...]".

The judge's decision concerning the number of days for the investigation: another 11 days.

A group of four children from Beit Tzurif. A remand extension was given for three of them today, and the case of the fourth will be heard on Thursday.

Defense: Advocates Fahmi Shakirat and Firas Sabbah.

The children are aged 16 and 16.5.

The charge is making a pipe-bomb and firing it, as well as stone-throwing.

Detention is extended by 8 and 9 days, following the parties' agreement.  From what Justice Schiff reads from the file, and informs the defense, after the present extension this case will probably be passed to the prosecution.