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Things were quiet at A Ram.At Qalandya, it took us five minutes to cross the checkpoint to the north side. We got there at about 7.30 and did not see any children. There were older volunteers. Anyone who did not have his ID card had to go to the back of the line. The yellow taxis park now in a lot on the right hand side of the road (when coming form the southern direction). It seems like an organized location.Back at E-Ram: a young soldier was quite sour and asked us to show our id's . She refused passage to an older woman who had a green card and no permit and to an old woman who accompanied an old man who had the right papers and was allowed to pass. It took going to the commander and asking him to intervene (while we retreated into the background) for all of them to pass. We should think of making a list ofsoldiers who should get an honorary membership of checkpointwatch and beacknowledged for their help when it will not jeopardize them.