'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Mon 7.1.08, Afternoon

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מקום או מחסום: 
צופות ומדווחות: 
Elisheva A. Bilha A. Tamara H. Yonah A. Natanya translating.


There was a high alert and all the soldiers were wearing
helmets.Three soldiers at the north checked cars coming from Tulkarm. A long line
of cars. Two soldiers at the east check those coming from Qalqiliya and
we cannot see the end of the line. There is especially heavy traffic.
Some of the taxis which come from Tulkarm set down their passengers
and return. The passengers then are checked and on the other side take
another taxi and so also in the opposite direction. Three soldiers and
a dog check a Subaru car and the driver and his passenger stand at a
distance on the other side of the road and this takes more than 10

The next car which the soldiers choose to have checked by the dog is a
van. The driver and his passenger are told to stand at the side. In the
meantime an army vehicle arrives with a captain with the rank of
sergeant, He greets us and we ask why there are such careful checking.
He says that there are alerts all along the routes and he has come to
speed things up.

14.20 The dog leaves the vehicle to relieve itself in the fields and returns. At 14.25 the car goes on its way.

A long line of cars from Tulkarm.

Anabta. 14.40

Few cars in the direction of Tulkarm. It is impossible to see the end of the line of cars coming from Tulkarm.
passengers of a taxi get out and go to the pedestrian crossing. The
soldiers stop them about 10 metres from the checkpoint. The men have to
do strip and do the dance and only then to go to the checkpoint. Truck
drivers have to stop at a distance of 30 metres, to get out, strip and
then get back in and then come forward slowly to show their IDs.
Passengers of taxis, the males also have to get out and strip but the
women are allowed to stay inside.
traffic to Tulkarm increases and the passengers of a bus have their IDs
collected by the driver and the soldier checks them quickly and they
go on their way.

Long lines of cars in both directions. The commander says there is an
alert and that a terrorist had left one of the villages and was in the

We go to Beit Iba and at the exit of the village of Beit Lid there is
a rolling checkpoint. 4 cars wanting to enter the village. 2 Hummers at
the side of the road and the soldiers check those passing by.