Etzion DCO: Prevention until 2099, Who will die first - the detainee or the occupation?

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מקום או מחסום: 
צופות ומדווחות: 
Shlomit sh., Natanya G., Shira N.

We had not even had time to get out of the car when we were approached by people. We sat on chairs outside although the waiting room was empty and people went through the gate as soon as they arrived.

A man was there who had cancer and now has a hole in his throat. It is very hard to hear him. His brothers all have permits to work in Israel but he is prevented on all counts. Shabak, Corona and Operatns blacklist. His brother in Ramallah is ill with Corona. But he has not seen him in six months.  He had to go for treatment but had only got the notice of appointment the previous day. Shlomit spoke to N., always helpful . The man was told to come next week  and in the meantime to schedule another appointment.

Another man suffering from cancer had an appointment at August Victoria East Jerusalem hospital in April but, of course,  was “Prevented” could not show up. He was told to make another appointment and to come ten days before to the DCO to arrange a permit.

A lady - who knows Ronit - and her husband came to the checkpoint. Her husband received a summons as he has been charged with disobeying rules. But he has no idea why.

Another man was summoned to court but the file was closed. Expectedly the file has not been deleted on the computer. We told him he should check every two weeks and if it takes longer, to contact Sylvie. This is a recurrent difficulty which can take a few months to be rectified. He indignantly asked if this is the way we helped people and was told that we can only do our best.

A man, whose Israeli employer owed him money, told us that they had had an argument as the  employer owed him money and denied it. He slapped him and then his grown children came and beat him up so that he needed treatment. The employer lodged a complaint against him and now this Palestinian is  prevented from entering Israel. As he said, even though the attack took place in Moriah jail, he does not have much of a chance filing a complaint against an Israeli.

Two 65-year old men  are said to have thrown stones when they were 15 years old. If they were Jews they would be considered minors but …..  the older one had also built a school for children at Takao. He had sat in jail for 18months. The two are now prevented from entering Israel until 2099. By which time of course they will both be in their graves and we can only wonder if the occupation will have ended.

A man who had been in jail had been attacked by Palestinians. He had been operated on in jail but not successfully and has still had two more operations at his own expense and is having another one tomorrow, which will cost 4000 shekel.  He wanted to know if he could make a case against the prison authorities. Shlomit gave him the name of various organizations and also spoke to Eitay Mack who, though the latter said there was not much hope of getting any return from the prison system. However, if he did not get an answer from them, Mack should be contacted again and he would try to help.