Tawamin - a violent attack by settlers

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צופות ומדווחות: 
Semadar and Michal (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
מערת המגורים של משפחת מור בתוואמין
פתח מערת המגורים של משפחת מור בתוואמין

Following an article written by a peace activist about what was happening, we went to Tawamin, a place east of Susiya. Luckily Muhammad has a 4 × 4 car and we all got there.

There lived the Mor family who returned to live in the family caves, because this is their land with the olive groves and the areas where they graze their flocks. Following what I told about the family about a month ago near A-Tuwani and two weeks later her son Harun was shot by a soldier in a  struggle for an old  generator and is now lying completely paralyzed in Hebron. Here, too, attempts to expel them from their land continue. The settlers are very active on the issue. The army protects them especially of course and backs up their behavior.

This is how it looks from the pictures.

After a few minutes of adjusting to the darkness and the smell of smoke, we sat with the people. They said they had been here for decades. The man who looks about 60 years old says that he was born in this cave and that his grandparents also lived here. In 2001 a settler was killed and the army, without holding an investigation shot and killed his cousin saying that he was the murderer. The area was then declared a closed army area and 60 people were driven out and the caves destroyed. And they moved to Imnainzil near the checkpoint of Mezadot Yehuda.

In 2011, after a long legal battle, it was legally  decided that they had the right to return and live there by the authorities and with permission, and have in addition to legal document which states that they are the owners of the land and there is also the confirmation from  from the state. But the settlers are not interested and they come from the settlements Susiya and Mitzpe Yair, trying to expel them and dancing, praying and shouting:

“Get out of here,  it's not yours,  it's ours , it's our land for 2000 years.

At the penultimate time, about a week ago, the settlers re-entered the cave broke the door and destroyed everything possible.

The person talking to us also tells that there was an article on Channel 12 in which the settler from Susya was  very proud that they are  the only settlement in the area which has no fence. Also that they  have already taken 4,000 dunams from the Palestinians. Only the Mor family remains like a knife in their throats and that  they too will be expelled from their land and the settlers will take everything.

The Palestinian says: I told the army that I will not move from here. From here only to the grave will they take me.

When we left, police arrived. According to the people the blue police are treating them decently and have come to see what the situation was, because they saw a crowd of settlers from Susiya on this desolate hill overlooking their home, lighting fires. We did not confront them for good or for bad.

From there we drove to Abu Safi Hagar who lives in the valley at the foot of Mitzpe Yair where they told us of a lone settler named Israel Kaplan. Abu Safi says that the settler is not harassing him, but that his neighbor is constantly being attacked by the settler and his dogs, as we reported about two months ago.

The corona does not kill human evil and apparently does not even weaken it.