2019-08 Newsletter | Machsomwatch
אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר

2019-08 Newsletter

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Thursday, 1 August, 2019


Dear Friends,
We are pleased to share our summer newsletter with you.
This time we have written about the 'new and improved' terminal checkpoints inQalandiya and Bethlehem. 'New and improved', yes, but the almost impenetrable hidden bureaucracy of the occupation remains unchanged.

Our article and video on the southern Tarqumiya Checkpoint will give you a sense of what it feels like for a Palestinian to cross into Israel and work.
Ramadan this year with all its challenges also included acts of kindness in the Jordan Valley which we write about in the piece below.

And we promise that you will be inspired by MachsomWatch member Leah Shakdiel in the video below. Finally, as there is always something happening during our shifts, we've added a new feature called:  Our Latest Updates.


 The MachsomWatch

 Newsletter Team

  • Bulldozers returned to destroy El Hadidya in the Jordan Valley Read ▶  
  • Burin: Olive trees torched by settlers, Israeli fire brigade never arrived   Read ▶  
  • Qaddum: a road blocked since 2003. Years of protests described in a new MW video Watch ▶    A 10 year old boy was shot in the head by live ammunition while standing at the entrance to his home in Qaddum during one of the recent demonstrations described in our video.  He remains in critical condition.
  • The 2019 Season of the Sea Days for Palestinian children and mothers from villages in the West Bank is underway! 

Photos: Bruce Shaffer, Neta Efroni, Bruno Levi

 New 'terminals' at the Bethlehem and
Qalandiya Checkpoints


Two major checkpoints at entry points to Israel have been significantly upgraded.  What hasn’t changed is the complicated and draconian bureaucratic barrier of the permit system.   continue reading


One Checkpoint - Many Impediments to Daily Life 

Nearly 10,000 Palestinian workers pass through the Tarqumiya Checkpoint daily.  See how the work day begins for those who are the “builders of the land of Israel”.    continue reading


Photos: Anthya Sadeh, Tamar Fleishman

Ramadan 2019 & An Inspiring Story

MachsomWatch volunteers report on Ramadan 2019  continue reading
and on acts of kindness in the Jordan Valley which crossed separation barriers.  continue reading

MachsomWatch member Leah Shakdiel presented the keynote speech in the 2019 joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Service. This service was attended by an audience of 9,000 people and live streamed throughout the world.  Leah’s vision is shared in the video below.

Our 2018 Annual Report Is Now Available Online
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