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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר

Al Marajam-Khursa

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Khursa is a small village of about 2,500 inhabitants in Area A, on a hill on the way to Negohot settlement.  At the end of September 2017, a pillbox watchtower was set up in the heart of the village, adjacent to the village's diwan, which is a sort of community center for celebrations such as weddings, or used as mourning tent. The army declared the place a closed military zone. In 2018, we saw another aggravation: a barrier of about 50 m, which divides the road into two, and a prohibition on passing vehicles, and then also a prohibition on pedestrians, who have to walk around on a dirt road - during winter on a mud road. Since the checkpoint was established, the army has required special permits to hold an event in Diwan and the permits must be requested at least two days in advance. Of course, the dying are not always cooperative ...

together with the villagers we wondered what the meaning of this strange barrier in Area A, which is supposed to be under full control of the Palestinian Authority. Conclusion: It seems that in order to secure the way to the Negohot,  the residents are forced to live with a closed military zone and a watchtower in the village center, and  suffer many restrictions. (From Watch Checkpoint reports).

Recently, the Israeli authorities began, in the middle of the night, to pave a new bypass road from the nearby village Fuqeiqis to Negohot,  Trying to establish facts and aiming to enlarge the settlement.

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