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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר

Az Zawiya

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A Palestinian town of 7,500 people, whose name is derived from the word angle. Located 15 km west of Salfit and 24 km southeast of Qalqilya. About 3,500 people from the town live abroad and are not allowed to visit their families.

The people of A. Zawiya have 10,000 dunams, in addition to 5,000 dunams in the seam zone, some in an inaccessible enclave, near Rosh HaAyin. The army erects surprise checkpoints in the tunnel below Highway 5 and blocks the main and almost only exit from the village across the West Bank. The surprise checkpoint creates long traffic jams on the road leading north through many other villages to Qalqilya and the Eyal checkpoint and causes delays to workplaces.

They can not reach some of their agricultural lands, and for that they apply to the DCO in Qalqilya, through the Palestinian link in Salfit.  Only two from each family, the elderly, who cannot work their land anymore The rest are forced to sit at home. There are also no jobs for academics who graduate from universities and return home. Workers in Israel pass through the Eyal checkpoint. To get to work on time, they leave the house at 02:30 or 03:00 in the morning. .

In 2018, the Machsom Watch team met with Omar, who is in charge of archeology in the Salfit district. He wanted to show us a site of antiquities from the Roman period, which had not yet been excavated. Palestinians are not allowed to touch it because it is in Area C. Hundreds of ancient olive trees are planted there. They are legally struggling with a new demand for expropriation of over two thousand dunams.