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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר

Deir al Ghusun Checkpoint 623

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Agricultural Checkpoints Deir Al-Ghussun 623 and Atil 609

Here these ‘gatesinfo-icon’  agricultural checkpoints - are open all year round, 3 times a day,  so the village farmers cross them to reach their 2,200 dunams that were separated by the Separation Fence and left in the seam-zone. the Fence itself grabbed 300 more dunams of their land. Depending on opening times, the area’s farmers use these checkpoints alternately. The Israeli army has threatened with the closureinfo-icon of these checkpoints as collective punishment if any breaks of the fence or climbing over it were detected. The main complaints of the Palestinians here are about not being issued sufficient permits for farmworkers in spite of the large farmlands behind the fence. We have documented several cases of miserable conduct: a fire broke out in one of the storage areas, but firefighters were not allowed to reach it in time. another example: During olive harvest for a few days it is open for all day, but at the same time, they placed concrete blocks against vehicles, prevent basic agricultural work.

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