District Court - Health Problems, Maltreatment

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.

Jerusalem District Court  


On 27.2.17 we reported on “another confused Palestinian woman caught at the gory Qalandia Checkpoint”.


Today we followed up the cases of Jihan Hashima and Amani Hashim.

The panel of judges included Rafi Carmel, Karmi Mussak and Shirley Renner.

Jihan Hashima was represented by Atty. Ibrahim Abu Ghosh.


Jihan was spotted walking in the vehicles lane at Qalandia. She was shot and left bleeding on the ground. Eventually she was taken to hospital and is currently imprisoned in Damon. Her leg is bandaged and she uses crutches.

Her mother and husband were present in court. Her three-year old son was there in his father’s arms. The oldest daughter, 13, has autism and there is another son.

The father explained that the boy won’t leave him and refuses to be handled by anyone else, so he had to leave his place of work.

Jihan was not allowed to approach her son. The attorney’s request to allow her to hug him was vehemently rejected.

Even though the attorney had previously requested a psychological evaluation for his client, this has not been done. He repeated the request.

The next hearing is set for 19.4.17.


Amani Hashim’s case was heard by the same panel.

She is represented by Atty. Haldon Nijam and Mufeed Haj.

The defense rejected all the charges against Amani, except her admission that she came to Qalandiya Checkpoint in her car. She is accused of trying to run over a soldier.


The prosecution alleged that Amani posted a Facebook call for blessing for being a “Shahida”.

The defense countered that Amani was about to receive her MA certificate the next day, and the solicitation for blessings was for a “Shahada,” meaning congratulations!

The attorneys also insisted that Amani’s confession was extracted by unlawful means. The interrogator guided her to say what he wanted to hear. She did not have counsel and only after she had confessed did the interrogator call an acquaintance of his, not the attorney that Amani wanted.

The next hearing is set for 5.7.17.


Both detaineesinfo-icon are kept at Damon Prison. The prisoners are taken out of Damon on Thursday and spend the next 3 days in holding cells at Sharon Prison, from where they are transported to Jerusalem on Sunday. This is a reprehensible, inexcusable process that inflicts additional suffering on the detainees.