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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר

Gab'ah checkpoint /The LamedHey crossing

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The checkpoint is on the green line, on road 367 leading from Gush Etzion to Emek HaElah - shortly before its intersection with road 357. It is manned by the army and the crossings authority. Active 24 hours. According to our inspection, the checkpoint is for Israelis only in one lane for private cars and one for public vehicles. But according to our investigation, individual Palestinians receive a special permit that allows them to pass by car in this place. Generally, the permit is given to employers who employ more than one individual employee and who can all be collected from the same meeting point. In the past there was access by car to this road from the village of Surif. Today there is a checkpoint at the edge of the village and in the tundas on the sides of the road, up a small hill. The few who have the permits climb on foot up the small hill and wait on the road for employers.

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