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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר

Loophole model: road611: Passing like free people

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A magnificent loophole in the separation fence. Like this loophole, many more along the entire barrier of separation.
Route 611, was to the shuttle station to Israel. It leaves the city of Harish westward along the northern seam zone and reaches the intersection with road 596, close to the Barta'a Reihan checkpoint.
Most of the road passes the separation barrier and the military road (in the east), and also in front of the loophole and more and more loopholes open and wide gaps in the fence on the Palestinian side.
There were loopholes in the fence from when it was established in the early 2000s, but they were hidden and far away and with no easy access. Since the army turned a blind eye to the pirated and free entry into Israel, the passage has become visible, people arrive at the breaches in private vehicles and taxis on the side of the West Bank and got on shuttle vehicles on the Seam Zone side. Once passing the fence, there is no barrier to Israel.

Who benefits from the loopholes? One can only assume that allowing the mass crossing of the fence saves manpower (soldiers) the army and significantly increases the entry of builders and other necessary work power - into Israel.

In the northern region, most passers-by are construction workers who work in the city of Harish, but also other professionals who prefer the shortcut that saves time and money, and as one of the passers-by said: "Passing like free people..."