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אורנית, מהצד הזה של הגדר


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A village in the Salfit district. In 1983, the settlement of Sha'arei Tikva and Etz Efraim were established south of the village and in 1985, the Oranit settlement was established west of the village. The separation barrier that creates the enclave of the settlements of Etz Efraim Elkana and Sha'arei Tikva, which were built on Mlas'ha's land, cut it off from the north-neighboring village of  Sanniriya and from the main road to the north. The two agricultural checkpoints (1634 and 1549) for the passage to 5,000 dunams in the seamline zone are seasonal. Farmers complain that the army does not allow them to pass a water pipe needed for irrigation and especially for pest control spraying. "Hani's House" is a family house close to Elkana and separated from his village by a wall.