Ofer - Activity against security in the region, Fines

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Vivy Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Major Naphtali Shmulevitz

Defense: Atty. Munther Abu Ahmad


Houla Bader Muhammad Abu Alan

Houla is a 52-year old widow from Dahariya.

She was arrested on 11.9.19.

A gun and some ammunition were found in the salon she owns. She claims they belonged to her late husband who used to work for the Palestinian security forces.


Despite the charge in the indictment, which sounds very serious, the prosecutor conceded in the agreement negotiations: “the suspect’s clean record…. her advanced age, her being a widow and the fact that some of her children are minors….”


The judge, on the other hand, stated, “In this case, security has been seriously compromised. The suspect kept an assault weapon with ammunition, which posed clear danger to the environment and had potential to hurt both civilians and security forces. Such weapon should be only in the hands of security forces. Her possession of it posed a veritable risk.”


We watched the dangerous woman in court, and then we talked to her brother and her son. She did not impress us as a dangerous person.


The plea agreement included: 6 month and one day detention, starting with the day of arrest, 10-month probation for 3 years and a monetary fine of 15,000 shekel. (The fine had been paid earlier when there was a decision to release her on bail, something that did not materialize.