Ofer - Assault of soldier/policeman, Conspiracy to Kill

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Ivonne Mansbach, Hava Halevi (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Zeev Afik

There are 35 cases in the docket, 9 involve possession and trading in combat materiel, 9 throwing rocks or incendiary objects, as well as “vehicular violations” - probably driving without a license. Two cases among the many we observed concluded with lenient plea bargains due to “evidentiary difficulties,” meaning there was no evidence, only admission.


Asia Suleiman Kaabane – ID 415355387

Asia is 40 years old, mother of nine.

Charge: attempted homicide

Defense: atty. Farah Biadsi from DCI (international association for the defense of children – Palestine).


Asias’a cousin attended the hearing.

Her case is truly heartrending. Asia’s domestic life was a living hell. Like everyone else, she knew that if you approach the checkpoint you could be shot. Armed with a knife, she went to the checkpoint. During the incident (about which we have no details) a girl soldier got nicked by the knife.

Similar stories are often published in the Israeli press. Asia’s story is like that of many Palestinian women. Her face resembles a mask of petrified suffering. During the 5 minutes she spent in court (while the judge, the interpreter and the typist hurried to their lunch break) she exchanged a few words with her cousin. Perhaps she asked about her children.


The next hearing was set for 12.9.18.


Tair Amad Jamil Abu Lawi – ID 404955072

Charge: throwing objects


The hearing was postponed to allow the replacement attorney to study the case.


Yussuf Mahmoud Yussuf Jafari – ID 852909035 

Resident of Sinjil.

Charge: Possessing and trading in combat materiel.

Defense: Atty. Ahlam Haddad


Yussuf Jafari is charged that in the years 2014-17, together with another person, he manufactured an improvised rifle. He was also caught staying inside Israel without a permit.

His collaborator has already been convicted and sentenced (too leniently according to the judge).

The reason for a plea bargain was to save the court’s time; the weapon is rigged and the prosecution wants to impound it.

In another case, Jafari was sentenced to probation, and the plea bargain proposes to extend the probation.


Judge: “After your release, will you deal with weapons again? These are severe violations. My inclination is to be particularly strict. Using weapons, even improvised ones, is a serious crime. Luckily in this case there was no damage to life or property.”

The accused promised not to repeat the offense, and not to get involved in similar incidents.


Muntasar Saleh Muhammad Khatib – ID 850068824 

28 years old, resident of Hizme.

Charge: possession of an M16 gun

Defense: Atty. Ismail Tawil


Muntasar was arrested a year ago and released on probation, which in itself raises questions about the charge and the evidence.

He is accused of carrying a weapon without permission from the military commander.


Sentence (or agreement):

Prison time to coincide with days in detention (i.e., he is released and will report to court from home), two years probation, provided he does not repeat the offense for two years, and a 7000-shekel fine (minus 1500 he already deposited at the beginning of his trial).