Ofer - Conspiracy to Kill, Health Problems

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 Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


In 1946 General Sir Alvin Baker came to Israel to mercilessly quell the rebellion that the Stern Gang and the Irgun conducted against the British. He was famous for his anti Semitic aphorism: Hit the Jews where it hurts: in their pocket.

(From “Anemone Days” by Tom Segev). 

Can we draw a comparison?


As soon as we arrived, we saw Amira Al-Hamidat’s husband. When we asked what was going on, he was happy to tell us that there was a plea bargain and she was going to be released.

We attended the hearing presided by Justice Lieut. Col. Zvi Heilbronn.

The prosecution and Atty. Ahlam Haddad presented the plea bargain:

12 month in prison, from the day of arrest, 12 month suspended sentence for 5 years and a 250,000-shekel fine: 50,000 to be paid immediately, and 200,000 to be paid a month after her release.

Amira is accused of bringing in enemy money and of being a member of a proscribed organization. The money was given to her by a collaborator from Gaza. Her house was raided a year ago and 100,000 shekels were found because she had not had time to distribute it to students and to prisoners’ families. This sum was confiscated.

I asked the prosecutor why this sum was not deducted from the fine and he said, “Are you crazy? Enemy money?!”

The judge said they took into consideration her medical condition: she suffers from a slipped disc and asthma.

The husband was sure Amira would go home today, but she explained that she wanted to go to Damon Prison to collect her belongings and her art works, and most of all - to say goodbye to her fellow prisoners with whom she spent a year.


In the hearing of Rawan Abu Ziada from Beit Ilu, Atty. Akram Smarra requested a postponement in order to conclude negotiations with the prosecution.

Rawan is accused of attempted murder.

Justice Lieut. Col Lieberman agreed, and the next hearing was set for 30.11.16.

Rawan’s parents were present in court. Her father had a chance to exchange a few words with her. He is forbidden to visit her in prison.


There was a short hearing of the case of Ivtisam Kabana – a mother of 2 small kids, a daughter two years old a 10-month babyinfo-icon.

This is another woman who approached a checkpoint with a knife because of personal problems.

In the previous hearings her parents claimed that she has mental problems and is taking medication.

She has been in jail for almost 2 months. Atty. Noubani had requested a psychiatric evaluation. The response stated that she is fit to stand trial.

The parents were not informed about today’s hearing, so Atty. Noubani requested a postponement to allow the family to attend the hearing.


As always, the conversations we had in the yard were very painful. The father of an underage girl shot in the leg because the soldiers presumed she had a knife kept telling us: The settlers put a knife next to her! (this is not unheard of). He told us that she was taken to Hadassah Hospital and interrogated there! This is common practice: who knows what information was obtained from an underage wounded girl, alone in an Israeli hospital.


A young man told us he came to see his brother who is 14.5 years old. He was taken from home in the middle of the night, after the usual procedure of turning the house upside down. A picture suddenly surfaced of the child throwing rocks. But the picture was taken when he was 12! 

We stood there helpless with tears in our eyes.