Ofer - Fines, Health Problems

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Vivi Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.




A plea agreement was presented to Judge Lieut.Col. Shmuel Kedar in the case of

Intisar Jabarin.

She was represented by Atty. Nasser Noubani.


According to the indictment – which she was forced to sign to obtain the plea agreement – Intisar caused a disturbance to soldiers’ work at the Qalandiya Checkpoint, as she tried to enter Jerusalem illegally.


The case is, of course, more complex. Intisar is a 48-year old grandmother with tumors in her liver, which need to be removed. She has been ill for several years, always treated at Al Mukased Hospital in East Jerusalem, which she visits from her home in Ramallah.

Intisar was arrested on 16.9.18 and has been held at Sharon Prison ever since.


The agreement includes 31 days in prison. There is a 6-day probation from 2016 which is in effect, as well as 5 overlapping days of probation from 2017, and of course a 3000-shekel fine.


Intisar’s son was present in court; the love he expressed for her is indescribable. The son told us that at the checkpoint the soldiers ripped her medical records and prevented her from going to the hospital.

We were later told that the fine had been paid and as far as we know, Intisar has been released to her home. The son was grateful for our presence, invited us to visit and later in the evening called us to report on her release.


Judge: Major Sebastian Osovsky

Defense: Atty. Akram Samara

Defendant: Susan Awiwi



Susan Awiwi is a member of Hebron municipal board.

She was arrested at home on 5.6.18, underwent harsh interrogation at the Shabac [GSS] facility in Ashkelon and is being held at Damon Prison.


Following her arrest, other women from Hebron were arrested, all accused of membership in Hamas, after the establishment of the Women’s Committee:

Dina Carmi, Safaa Abu-Snina, Asraa Lafi Ghnaim, Sunia Lafi Alhamuri and Lama Khater.


Susan was happy to see us. She remembered me from the previous hearing. We know that in prison she told other inmates how much our presence in court encouraged her.

The hearing was brief and will resume on 4.11.18.


Judge Lieut. Col. Zvi Heilbronn

Defense: Atty. Akram Samara

Defendant: Lama Khater Alfahuri.


This hearing, too, was very brief and will resume on 13.11.18.


Lama’s husband and son were present. They had a chance to exchange a few words with her.

I remember her arrest – the heartbreaking scene of her separation from her two-year old son went viral on social media. Two weeks ago, a photo of her son and another daughter visiting their mother in prison was published. However, the husband told us that they had been barred from seeing her! The husband cannot visit her either, as he was a prisoner in the past.


The hearing of the case of Asraa Lafi Ghnaim was also very brief.

It will resume on 13.11.18.

Sunia Alhamuri’s hearing is set for 4.11.18.


Three human right activists, Anat Matar, Ora Slonim and Michal Sapir also attended the hearings. Many friends and relatives of the detained women were present and we had a chance to talk with all of them.

The Palestinians were grateful for our presence there and thanked us for our solidarity. Sadly, this is all we can offer them.