Ofer - Fines, Incriminators

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Nitza Aminov (reporting) Tamar Goldschmidt, Vivi Sury, Aya Kaniuk

Translation: Marganit W.


A typical plea bargain… Doubtful evidence regarding incrimination…Admission of guilt as the basis for the agreement


Judge: Major Rani Amar

Prosecutor: Lieut. Hani Amir

Defense: Atty. Ismail Tawil

Defendant: Muhammad Sami Abdalla Shamassna


Shamassna has been in detention for seven months. He is charged that on January 2016 he manufactured three Molotov cocktails with friends; then they threw them at security vehicles in the Katana area. The indictment was based mostly on incriminations (the incriminators were also tried).

The verdict mentioned that nobody was injured in the incident.

Muhammad is a guitarist in a band; all he wants is to be released so he can resume playing in the band. The judge showed interest in his story and seemed to enjoy chatting with him in Arabic, but Muhammad was impatient and very upset, understandably, that he had to go back to jail for nine more months.


He was sentenced to 16 months from the day of arrest, 24 months suspended sentence – on condition that for 5 years he will not commit any violation having to do with combat materiel, and the last penalty, the unavoidable one: 5000-shekel fine or 5 months in prison.


Muhammad’s mother and brother were present at the hearing. When they saw how furious he was at the sentence, they – together with the attorney – explained to him that this was considered a lenient sentence!


We also attended the hearing of Gadir Yusuf Muhammad Al Atrash before Justice Lieut. Col. Zvi Heilbronn.

She was represented by Atty. Akram Samara


Gadir is a young Palestinian, mother of two small children, married to an abusive husband. In despair she went to a checkpoint with a knife, hoping this would solve her problems. Now she is in prison and her children are with her husband’s family. The husband plans to divorce her.

She has been detained since 9.8.16.

Her mother and sister came to the hearing and were able to exchange a few words with her.

Gadir denies the charges – she is accused of attempted homicide – so an evidentiary hearing is scheduled. Witnesses have been summoned.

The next hearing is on 29.1.17.