Ofer - Health Problems, Incitement

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Vivy Sury, Nitza Aminov (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


A mother crying her heart out in the yard….


We arrived in the morning and attended several hearings, but the worst part was seeing a mother crying incessantly .

Her son, 16.5 years old, was arrested on 5.3.19 on his way back from school.

We have heard about the provocations the army creates by milling around schools, waiting for the kids to throw rocks. The boy was arrested and has been detained for more than a month at the Russian Compound.


The mother came to court with her daughter because she had been told that the hearing would take place at Ofer today. But now the attorneys informed them that the hearing is actually at the Russian Compound. The attorneys were helpless; they tried to arrange for the boy to be transferred from the Russian Compound to Ofer. They were told that no vehicle was available for transportation. When we left, the mother was still talking to the attorneys.


The mother kept shouting, “Since his arrest, I have not seen him even once. I came to Ofer but he was not there. He suffers from severe allergies, and when he has an attack he needs an injection.” She shared her sad life story with us; it is indeed heartrending and it explains her deep concern about the son’s condition.

None of the hearings we attended can compare to the suffering of that mother.


Remand extension hearing in the case of

Najah Taher Farah Taem Allah


Judge: Lieut. Col. Avi Westerman

Defense: Atty Karin Toren Hubler


The detainee is the Imam of Harbata Village.

He was arrested at one AM on 12.4.19. He was scheduled to have back surgery the next day.


The police investigator requested a 7-day extension, adding the automatic excuse: “The case involves serious security violations, sedition and throwing objects.”

The Imam is suspected of posting statements on social media.


In her summation the defense attorney mentioned that the detainee is 46 years old, with no prior record and is a religious leader in the village. There is no reason to detain him.

The suspect asked to address the court, declaring that he did not belong to any political organization and reminded the court of the back surgery he was scheduled to undergo.


The prosecutor’s only response was, “He can bring this up during the interrogation.”


The judge approved a 3-day remand extension.


Judge: Lieut. Col. Rani Amar

Detainee: Said Afafa

Defense: Atty. Fadi Qawasmeh


Said Afafa, from Beit Kahel is accused of membership in Hamas.

The plea agreement included 9-month prison time starting with the day of arrest on 14.12.18 plus 15 months suspended sentence for five years, for the charge of “membership” and 3 months suspended sentence for 5 years for attending a meeting of a proscribed organization.

(Again and again the attorneys explain the significance of suspended sentences, that hang like a sword over the heads of the accused after their release).


The judge was displeased with the terms of the agreement: the penalty for membership in a terror organization is between 18 and 26 months. But in this case, the man “elected to confess” (what a lovely expression!)




The defense pointed out that there were problems with the evidence: there were informers who all repeated the same formula: yes, he was a member of Hamas, but there was no additional information.


After the hearing we asked the attorney how come there was no fine. The answer was that the prosecution is considering asking for administrative detention! The ultimate punishment that does not require an indictment.


With a heavy heart we took leave of the weeping mother, fearing that today, too, she would not get to see her son.